Return to Waterdeep after Two Rocks

The party, and Erublia, had arrived at Waterdeep. Huan posted a notice on the city bulletin board. The party turned over the bodies of the Two Rocks bandits, and orcs, to the city watch and we were paid a reward for them.

The party made some effort to split up the magic items that were recovered from Two Rocks. A lot of the items were meant for warriors, so there was much that could not be used by most of the party. Huan offered to pay the identification fees for each item, to the tune of 2200GP, in exchange for any items that the party did not want. Identification is not a cheap prospect, and when you’re facing a 4000GP level up cost, was generous on his part. Since the majority of the were mundane weapons and armor, their value is not going to be that significant.

Huan wants the unused items so that he can equip some dedicated soldiers to create an outpost. The outpost will serve as a combat training area for leveling up, and will serve to protect travelers along the road, as well as providing defense for the surrounding community and healing services, as it will be manned by dedicants of Pelor, or any other good deity, interested in helping the less fortunate outside the city walls.

Anyone else who cares, please add to the story! Thanks…



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