Huan Dae Severance

Human paladin, Crusader of Pelor


Huan is the only son of a noble family. Bored with the sedentary lifestyle of the wealthy and well-to-do, he pursued the combat arts, and was a good hunter. The snobbish views of class that his family and the other nobles espouse conflict with his notions of equality, regardless of station and status.

Huan’s pursuits also include the ladies, and his natural charisma was useful in this arena. His affections did not discriminate between courtier to wench -or princess. Huan’s affections for the princess made him some enemies at court. Those who saw him as a brash young man, who did not know how to keep with his own peers disliked him for his cavalier affairs with those of lower social class.

Those views also displeased his father, who is embarrassed by Huan’s lack of class distinction. He fears that Huan will settle down with some wench, instead of the higher class lady he desperately hopes to welcome as his daughter-in-law.

Not satisfied with the rapier and main gauche, he chose the path of the paladin, in order to learn more substantial fighting methods, and to have the ability to help people of all classes, whenever he can.

Huan Dae Severance

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